I get a lot of requests for smaller weddings. Many couples opt out of a grand affair, instead choosing smaller, more intimate venues, restaurants, parks, or even pretty back yards for their special day. A frustration that I frequently hear from these couples is that most wedding vendors are catered towards the bigger weddings. It is hard to find chair and linen rentals in smaller numbers, venues that don’t boast capacities of 100+ people, and a wedding photographer who will shoot the ceremony while staying within a smaller wedding budget.

I have been so pleased that over the last several weeks I have been able to tell my couples about Amber Watson at Maya Ana Photography. Amber is an immensely talented photographer who has come to the rescue of my couples searching for professional photography for their small wedding. Amber is offering three incredibly affordable packages just for my couples!

Photography special

If you are interested in booking Amber’s services for your wedding, contact her directly through her website: Maya Ana Photography, and let her know that Katherine Edwards is your officiant!

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