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I performed a very sweet at-home elopement in Clayton this past weekend. With the elopement package I usually do not meet the couple in advance and don’t know a whole lot about their story. I always arrive early though and usually get a quick run down of how the day came to be. On this particular day I was seated at the dining room table completing the marriage license while waiting for the festivities to begin. With me were the two witnesses, the Groom’s mother and father. I commented on the beautiful wedding cake in the middle of the table and asked what the writing on it meant. On one side it had the year 1969 and on the other it had 2014. The groom’s mother told me that she and her husband had been married 45 years ago that day! When discussing possible wedding dates with her son she had joked, “You could get married the same day we did!” She wasn’t serious, but her son thought it was a great idea. The cake… well, the cake was just a very sweet surprise for the groom’s parents. The couple wanted to honor them and their anniversary, as well as their new marriage. What a wonderful gesture!

Of course, the men just thought it was great that they would have someone else to help them remember their anniversary!

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