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Lakeside ceremonies were the theme for me the last week of March and first week of April! Michele and Dave just wanted a small, simple, quick elopement ceremony with only a few family members by their side. We initially planned to have the ceremony in my living room, but since Spring decided to poke it’s head out and say hello that week, we made a last minute change to Lake Benson.

Lake Benson Elopement 5

For a town the size of Garner, they have a really impressive Parks and Recreation department. Lake Benson park is absolutely beautiful and has a lot to offer. It is really at the heart of the community in Garner. If you are interested in getting married there, you should contact the Town of Garner about one of the four shelters available for rent.

Lake Benson Elopement 4

We had to take a picture with Dave’s gnome following the ceremony! Apparently the gnome travels with them wherever they go and they take pictures with him. I was honored to get to hold him!

Lake Benson Elopement

I love this family picture of Dave’s brother and his wife, Dave, Michele, her sister and niece. I should point out that Michele had her something new (white pants), something borrowed (bracelet), something old (DAVE!), and something blue (her necklace).

Lake Benson Elopement 3

And of course we had to make it legal! Here are Dave’s brother and Michele’s sister serving as the witnesses on their license (and the gnome!). Congratulations Michele and Dave!

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