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Lisa contacted me a few weeks prior to their April 19th wedding date and shared their plans of a quick elopement at Barbour’s Grove Park in the adorable town of Four Oaks. I was excited because pictures of the park online looked adorable… the grass and flowers were well-manicured and beautiful brick pathways led up to a white gazebo in the center of the park that would be perfect for a wedding ceremony.


I was disappointed when the forecast was calling for rain and a change of plans was necessary. I shouldn’t have worried though! Lisa told me they lived across the street from a little white chapel. In all of their years living there, they had never been inside the chapel, but they knew that their neighbor went to weekly services there. They called the neighbor to see if it could be their rain back-up plan and Lee’s Chapel African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church was happy to help!

Understandably, Lisa and Rodney were a little nervous never having seen the inside of the chapel, but they had nothing to worry about! The plain white brick building hid a beautiful interior, perfect for their big day! And you really can’t get much more convenient than a wedding venue across the street from your house! I wish I had taken a picture of the outside of the chapel, but it was pouring rain when I arrived, so I ran in and took cover!

photo 1(2)

The ceremony itself was very heartfelt. My portion of the ceremony was short and sweet because it was an elopement, but Lisa and Rodney chose to write their own vows which always makes the ceremony personal and unique. Now, if you know me… you know I’m a sucker for a groom that cries! I’m an emotional person by nature, so when Rodney was so choked up during his vows that he had a hard time getting through them, you better believe I was fighting back tears as well!

The couple’s children stood up for them during the ceremony and we got this lovely family photo afterwards:

photo 2(1)

Now, if you are like me you’re looking at these pictures and thinking, “ELOPEMENT?” Everything was so pulled together and so well coordinated that you never would have guessed that they pulled this together in just a few weeks!

The happy couple, along with their family and friends, retreated back across the street to the couple’s home for a pig pickin’ reception! Thankfully, they had shelter from the rain because it just did not want to let up that day!

Congratulations Lisa and Rodney! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your very special day!

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