Have you ever looked at the logo on CeremoniesByKatherine.com and wondered where it came from, or what it means? My guess is no! I’ve only had one bride ever comment on it and she had read the blurb at the bottom of my “About Katherine” page. So here’s the story…

Logo COLORI sat down one day in early 2013 to start putting together my business… I would need a logo, a website, some client intake forms, business cards, etc… My first two brides had hired me without all of that, but I knew the investment in a professional “package” would be worth it.

Some of you  may know that my undergraduate degree is in Graphic Design. While I knew by the end of my junior year that it wasn’t my calling to work in Graphic Design professionally, the skills I gained in those 4 years (and those that came naturally!) have been a huge asset in every job I’ve had. That is no different for this one!

The real difference this time was that I no longer had access to any fancy design software… no Photoshop, no InDesign… not even Publisher! ***GASP!*** (don’t worry, I’ve since upgraded!) I was literally staring at a blank page in Word thinking, “Ok, what can I do with the keys on my keyboard?”

One of the first things they taught us in my design classes was to NEVER go with your first idea. Surely the first idea was cliche and overdone because it was the first thing that popped into your head. We were taught to push harder and deeper for that real winning idea.

Well, call me a rule breaker.

The very first thing I typed out looked something like this…


I thought it was cute, but knew it needed work and wasn’t 100% sold on it. I mean, it WAS my first idea. And what did it even mean? I decided to look it up and see. Obviously I knew what a heart symbolized… love and all that gooey goodness that we celebrate at weddings, but what about the braces? Then I found this definition:

To connect two lines of music to be played simultaneously.

WOW. I had my logo. First idea or not. What an absolutely perfect metaphor for marriage. So that ^ became this:

Blog HeaderI feel like there was some Divine inspiration working in my favor that day. Almost 3 years later and I still love my simple little logo as much as I did the day I created it.

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